That may be true but there is still a lot of hidden talent left on Exodus, all it takes is to someone to stumble across a player with potential. Also compared to 3.0 there are significantly more groups working on the final fight. I know like 12 statics at A8 that havent cleared. If people want to get better, maybe not up to the level of Nana's group, but still up there, they will. And clearing A8 seems highly likely for a handful of these groups, which is a big stepping stone for self improvement. Maybe in 3.4 we'll see a slightly smaller skill gap between the top groups and the ones under them. I'm hoping for it at least.


Yep, to put it into context it took us 8 weeks to clear A8S progression, the week after I got my pants we beat it.


Based on the fact they said, "We're going to make this as hard as Second Coil." and it was way beyond Second Coil difficulty, I think they're still stuck in a trap.

Simply put they have less resources, so they're designing raids that force players to stay subscribed rather then designing raids that are compelling, and interesting and cool.


If FF15 doesn't go bust, maybe we'll get lucky and 4.0 will be top notch.


I wasn't on Sargatanas before or during much of Gordias so I can't really speak for what it was like, but I can say that as of right now there seem to be quite a lot of active raid groups, or at least a lot more than what I was used to back on Famfrit and Midgardsormr.


Sargatanas used to have a huge endgame community during SCoB/FCoB. North Shroud and Northern Thanalan were always teeming with raiders before those encounters went into the DF, pugging people was fairly easy even up through T13, and the endgame community was in Buy FFXIV Gil general just a lot more social than it is now. Those raids were actually fun to help people with, so there were plenty of veterans that would hop into progression/clear groups to help out. Gordias was so not-fun that not only did many endgame raiders leave the server for Gilgamesh, but the ones that stayed stopped helping out for the most part. The vast majority of players were basically just completely devoid of the desire to go into those encounters after their weekly clears were done and over with.


I'm guilty of it too. Admittedly, I'm more on the casual side (my group is in A7S atm) but once I'm through A5/A6 for the week I look at PF, see groups looking for help clearing A6S and I say to myself "Ugh no thanks, no more stupid robits for me this week." During FCoB I used to love hopping into groups and helping out with clears/learning but honestly the Alexander raid tier just isn't nearly as fun to me overall. Gordias in specific caused us perpetual roster issues due to people quitting/transferring and nearly broke my static up several times (mostly due to sheer frustration with A3S). I dunno, I guess I just don't see the current raids as being nearly as enjoyable as SCoB/FCoB were and I feel that's negatively impacted the raid community on all but the most populated servers.