For somebody who has very limited time to play this game, what would the priority of things to do be? There is just so many things to do end game I am overwhelmed.


I'm not even there yet, just hit 50 and finished ARR main story and have to do the 100 quests of doom before HW...but figuratively speaking IF I make it that far what should I prioritize, or in my down time from doing the main quest? I've just been doing my roulettes lately and thinking of starting beastmen tribes.


Not really a big raid person, just a Buy FFXIV Gil casual player who likes to gear up over time.


The ARR MSQ will gear you up, eventually to about i110. Most of the level 50 dungeons are pretty cool and fun to do and those will give you poetics to upgrade to i120 (ironworks) gear that is augmentable to i130. Beast tribe dailies are usually pretty quick to do each day and the benefit of those are rewards, exp (if you've bought HW you'll gain exp while you work your way up to HW content), IV materia, and those sweet sweet mounts.


There is a relic weapon although when you hit lvl 60 there is a new relic weapon chain that you can hop right into. The first few steps of the 50 weapon are easy though if you want a glowing weapon for glamour (you'll outgear it quickly if you haven't already).


When you get to HW you can do a similar priority. Keep up with MSQ, try out some dungeons to get stuff to turn in for gear or gear drops, HW beast dailies, HW relic. You can do side quests for gear too but that's worth saving for alts.

Also, job quests are every 2 levels from 50-60.


Oh and the Hildebrand sidequest line is worth checking out. You unlock that at 50.


Sounds like you're doing what you should be doing, then. If you're casual--or hardcore, really--approach the game the way you want. Run the daily roulettes. You can unlock the three 24-man level 50 raids (Syrcus Tower, World of Darkness, Labyrinth of the Ancients). In fact, you can unlock all the level 50 Hard dungeons now if you want to do level 50 roulette. There's no set way to play. Just find what you find fun and do that.


I've read a lot of the old content is out dated now that HW is out (extreme primal, or even hard mode primals). Is there any point in doing hunts anymore, or would the more important focus be story->beastmen quests?


The focus is wherever you'd like it. The Main Story Quests will keep you busy for hours. And it's really engaging. Hunts FFXIV Gil are still valuable and still provide rewards. And sure, the older primal trials are old content but the level sync means that while your gear won't completely be faceroll, for the most part, it's still relative to the encounter. 


I played a WHM all the way to the end (in fact have to down Nidhogg at this point), and I've been leveling a SCH/SMN (56 currently) and an AST (45). I really like healing and love having those options open. But recently ROG/NIN and PUG/MNK have been stealing away my heart.


 I'm not sure which to level, because they're both pretty fun. The main thing is to pick what you like and do it. It might be achievement hunting, fishing, PVP, etc. The world (of Eorzea) is your oyster.