No, most probably would have done the same thing with the bard, and I'm amazed you all let that person stay in your group after they were asked to stop wasting the limit break.


The knee jerk to the mch probably could have been handled better. Unless they were all together you probably could have got a vtk off on the mch after their response to you.


The fact that you waited 10 minutes for them though, you have the patience of a saint.


Kinda agree with the Brd on the pulling issue. When I pull leave I nothing to chance, hit a tomahawk followed by an Overpower while moving or just Overpower pull if the enemies are in position. This way the dps can go nuts if they like and the healer can heal while im still pulling its a win win. As a Brd i like to dot 3 enemies minimum for Rain of Death procs 4 if i have access to iron jaws so maybe that was what he was trying.


I think toxicity is just a general stable of online gaming. You'd expect it from places like Call of Duty or something of similar nature but it's everywhere. I can say for certain I've been told off for not doing something right; I've been told off for not doing my job correctly even when I told the party I just purchased the game. It's one thing for me to state "grow thicker skin" but I do share my sympathies with you, that must've been a horrendous situation. 


That being said, you can't change people and this is going to sound super hypocritical but you may just have to do exactly that- let those words roll off you. Don't give em' any value and they can't hurt you. If someone like me who overthinks every little thing to the point of mental exhaustion can get used to people's toxic behaviour then I think your partner can FFXIV Power leveling to. When stuff like that happens, it's best to reevaluate why you purchased the game and whether you should keep playing. Toxicity is just a part of life and may be something that will never change. Some people wake up in the morning and just feel like messing up someone's day just for laughs.


The majority of people in this game are very friendly and willing to help you with things and are very forgiving with mistakes because everyone was a noob at some point. Every now and then, you run into a "hardcore-ist" who will absolutely try to "tear you a new one" for even facing the wrong direction, and those people need to get over themselves and make their own server where they can be jerks to eachother and let the rest of us enjoy the game.


The problem is that you DF'd Weeping City on reset day... when the tryhards are speed running the raid for their weekly loot drop.

The best advice I can give you is to avoid Weeping City until later in the week, preferably the weekend. The DF will be filled more with casual players who aren't toxic. The downside to this is that casuals tend to have more slip-ups resulting in multiple wipes.