let me know if its off, i only have my own limited data pool, and saying that my table is correct without more data to go on would be silly.i'd take this as a rough guideline. I'm also collecting a Pool of "rare spawns". there are rare spawning monsters that drop items. i've only seen them during gloom- One of them was an Elezen lancer who dropped three potsherds on floor 28.


Interesting on the Elezen lancer. I ran into one weird mob, a lil lala in a robe called 'Confused Adventurer' or something. When we killed him he emoted "Where am I?! How did I get here?", did not notice a drop or recall if it was during gloom. If Gloom introduces rare spawns might mean we need to stop removing that =)


So... inconclusive either way. Started up 21-30, with +21arm/+20 armor, and at character level 30.

When I got to floor 25, both arm/armor were still yellow, 1 silver did nothing. When I hit level 40, to the second, my +20 armor stat changed to white.

On floor 26, I hit level 42... and +21 arm stayed yellow. When I hit 43 (also on floor 26), +21 arm changed to white.

We had 6 more silver chests after that, all of them gave 'unchanged'.

So, I got nada to add hah.

edit: Got up to 25/25, which turned yellow when I was level 54 and on floor 35 or so. Went white again when I hit 55 or 56, so the half level thing as a cap isn't it.


Just an aside, its been greater than a week since niddhog ex dropped so if you havent cleared it and you don't have a nice static, these are the only 235 weapons realistically available to you. The chances of getting good players through pf will vary wildly from server to server.


Yeah, the RNG is kinda crappy in regards Buy FFXIV Power leveling to whether you get an upgrade or not... But honestly, considering how shitty the RNG is in pretty much every other part of the game, having to run the same set of floors to max out my gear is less annoying to me at least.


I could go gathering, up my HQ gathering rate to 45%, and proceed to get zero HQ items. On the next node, I could have 15% HQ rate, and get 3 HQ items.

Crafting, anything less than 100% has a high chance of not being an HQ craft. Get to 98% and BAM NQ craft.


Over melding, have a 10% slot and proceed to use 100 materia to get that final meld knocked out...


So having to spend a few extra runs to max out the gear, while more time consuming than the examples above, to me is at least a little less annoying and example of RNG.


That, and I actually kinda like this new content (going solo), so running it isn't that big a deal for me. Though I do wish we had a little more time to do the floor sets, but after you get well upgraded, the floors seem to go much quicker. My first time 1-10 took me almost the whole 60, but now that I am +9/+9 there, it takes half that or less.


It's a side-grade "third tier" weapon with a unique look that you can get while leveling side jobs (or even your main if you're low enough). Folks like you seem to forget that new content isn't always about max-level endgame life.


In 15 runs a new player could have obtained the disembodied head, a gorilla minion, a hecteye minion, and +30/+29 aetherpool, -and- levelled to near 60. And have a shiny 235 weapon waiting for them after another run if lucky enough.