I would like to add that Spear is absolutely wonderful on warriors. Brings all of their cooldowns (Vengeance, Raw Intuition, Holmgang, Unchained, etc.) down greatly, and takes Berserk down to a /one minute cooldown./

Spearing for defensive cooldowns doesn't really do anything at high-level raiding. Tanks should already have their cooldown plans mapped out according to NOT getting a Spear. Shortening their cooldown isn't going to change their plan. They're not going to change their cooldown plan on the fly because their Vengeance came up 12 seconds earlier.

Spear in particular, it's only really a gain FFXIV Gil if they get an extra use of it because of it (enhanced or multiple spears), or if it causes their cooldowns to line up even more with their burst (extremely unlikely since most classes bursts are already tailored around their cooldowns either naturally or otherwise).

In theory, spear is a pretty good card, but in practice, it just doesnt happen

Balance typically produce the best results. More so when timed with other party buffs like foes hypercharge litany and trick attacks. Other cards require good coordination and timing of to make use of their full potential. Specifically spear.

as a bard/mch player: oh my god please don't give me arrow please give it to literally anyone else.

I am surprised I don't see people mentioning spear on smn. In my personal experience i get downright thanked in party chat by random summoners i give spear to- more aetherflow more bahamut more uberflare. I also sometimes spear ninjas, since it is nearly guaranteed to reduce cd on one mudra.

also spear is really strong if you manage Final Fantasy XIV Gil to line it up with the 6 minute cooldown stack but otherwise its pretty bad. pre-pull you're better off just fishing for a party balance.

This thread has been immensely helpful. Bokchoy, you wouldn't happen to have the math for the other cards/classes would you? If not it's no biggy I can do it myself, but...cheat sheets are always fun!

But for real, thank you, everyone! It's been a few months since I was serious about AST, and so I'm trying to get back into it.