Envision this game following the design philosophies of the Elder Scrolls series, for example. If joining the Scions was completely optional, would you actually fight for their cause? If killing the primals or Garleans was something you could opt out of, would you do so?

Those were just minor examples. This thread is basically just to chat about what you or your character (if you roleplay) would do in the game's world if the entire story had no inhibitions of any kind. Let's share!

For starters, I'd probably be reluctant to stick Final Fantasy XIV Gil with the Scions past Ifrit due to some of the harsh realities it entails. In the first meeting you have with the Syndicate, I'd probably call them all names and start a fist fight, getting myself kicked out with no proper diplomacy being accomplished. Other than that... I kind of want to be a "Dark Knight" kind of hero who fights for their own end and isn't trusted by anyone due to not being affiliated with anyone.

I would've shot Zephirin in the back I mean there was literally no reason I couldn't do that

Yes I'd still join the Scions and go against the Garleans. I would have actually avoided the whole Dragonsong war personally like. Yo man they got themselves into that mess...not my problem (currently). But the evil space empire and rampaging gods? Affecting my life right now.

aside from induldge in a heavy helping FFXIV Gil of Rule 34 with several fem NPC/Retainers... probably have caused Ishberd's death secertly way before he could turn the Brave's into half-corrupt asshats & took over or looked into our finacially backing from the get-go.

My guy will start collecting crystals ( like HUGE amounts) and start praying to Lightning, which will create a primal version of her and have her rule over the land under her benevolent hand.

Every cutscene in the waking sands past level 24 would feature me grabbing Minfilia by the shoulders and shaking her really hard while doing a monologue on linkshell functionalities.