After getting some things for the game from GamesMaster magazine, I'm thinking of trying the game.


How does it play if you don't have friends to play with? I imagine there's some sort of party recruitment system, but is it still worth playing?


How hard is it for someone with a limited knowledge of MMO's to play? I've done a few free trials of other MMOs, so know sort of understand how it works.


Even though it's been out for ages with many updates, would a beginner still be able to catch up to the majority of the players?


First question, you'll make friends. You can queue into instances for dungeons and stuff solo and be grouped with other people running roulettes/dungeons.


Second question, this was also my first MMO and with online guides and the in game tutorial I am now a savage progression static leader. Most communities are friendly and will help new players get comfortable.


Third, you have a lot of story before you hit the "endgame" but the story is pretty good in my opinion and the game provides so much to do its always fun. I hope you enjoy!


Slightly off topic, are you that last remaining subscriber of GM? :o

But yeah, grab the free trial and give it a go, you'll be able to try out the duty finder and the like, but you won't be able to join a free company (guild) until you buy.

There are other limitations to the free trial also, but it will allow you a decent insight into the game with no cost.


Adding to what others have said, while it's Buy FFXIV Gil easy to catch up, it will take some time. This game is unique among MMO's in that much of the content is gated behind the main story quest. Once you finish that there will be dungeons, trials and sidequests you will want to unlock.


My best advice is to join an active and friendly Free Company as soon as you can so that you can call on people to help you run dungeons, get advice on your class, and maybe even have someone craft good gear for you! The game is a lot more fun that way.