The Summoner is the class you'll want if you want a class that likes to play maintenance on a ton of dots. They have a tedious maximum DPS rotation that involves spending aetherflow while dreadwyrm trance is up (the polar opposite of how it was intended to be used) but once you have it down, it will be second nature to watch everything. Very high skill floor and ceiling, it Buy FFXIV Gil rewards a fastidious gamer.


The Bard is the class you want if you don't mind it turning into another class after level 54 or 56 (the ability isn't quite worth using at just 52), and turns into a weird mild proc-based class that maintains their DoT's off one button, but have a fair amount of oGCD abilities, including the rather cool Empyrean Arrow that you can cast between regular GCD abilities (I'd like the devs to explore this concept, it's that interesting). It's a bit simple outside of its burst rotation, but simple != bad, as you bring some utility with you.


The Machinist is basically like the bard, cast bar problem included, but with a much simpler default rotation. Instead of being mild procs, it has a lot of procs, wants to maintain 2 abilities on the same general cooldown, and otherwise just goes 1 until a 50% proc (or ammo is used) happens, then 2, then 3 if it procs or if ammo was used on 2. Their resting rotation is hands down the easiest of every class, but they have one of the most technical burst rotations of any class, and like the Black Mage, can have their DPS mutilated by a mildly uncooperative boss.


The Dragoon's rotation changes a mild bit post 56, but it's mostly just a 4-length version of its 3-length ARR version. It has a bit of luck involved on its fourth ability, but otherwise has a precise yet simple rotation that isn't terribly punishing of most mistakes. It's probably one of the easier MDPS to get into, albeit it has its own rabbit hole you can fall in as you start to learn the intricacies of the class.


The Monk rotation basically didn't change at all in HW. It's almost literally the same class, just with more oGCD buttons to push and some GCD buttons to push when you can't punch things. It's a simple rotation, fairly non-punishing of mistakes, but tends to be a class that winds up over time and is forcibly wound down from boss mechanics. Despite being the simplest of the 3 mDPS (in my opinion), due to how forgiving and freeform it can be, it still is a very, very active mDPS class, and will certainly keep you busy without being overwhelming. However, the difference between a bad but trying monk and a good monk is rather high, so don't assume its skill ceiling is somehow low.


The Ninja, likewise to the monk, basically didn't change in HW. It's the same class as it's always been post level 46. The only way to really describe it is that it flows. It's sort of halfway between a monk and a summoner in Buy FFXIV Power leveling execution, in that you're trying to maintain a lot of things, have a somewhat freeform rotation (less free than Monk though), can be punished for mistakes but can recover easily. The thing that sets it apart is its use of ninjutsu. 


The best way to describe it is that you're running 2 separate rotations at the same time, and trying to make sure you don't screw over 1 rotation while executing the other. Post-54, one of those 2 rotations (the Ninjutsu one) becomes a lot easier overall, but you still need to line up things correctly all the same, and in making one rotation simpler, it makes the other more complicated.


All of the DPS classes are easy to pick up. They tend to favor different mindsets of individuals, however. 3 of the classes, Black mage, Bard, and Machinist, are badly designed classes simply because they change from one favored mindset to another at a specific barrier level, and the transition is very jarring on these 3 classes because of it.


As far as what I recommend, my 2 favored DPS classes are Ninja and Black Mage. Ninja has a certain flow to it, and Black Mage is fun when you correctly balance it on the edge of the oblivion that is its rotation collapsing. I feel the 2 complement each other nicely, where Black Mage is simple but ultra-precise, and Ninja is laid back, but has a fair amount of complexity just under the surface.


I'd recommend the other 2 melee DPS as well, as even the most changed MDPS, Dragoon, still has a fairly fun and flowing rotation, though Ninja still has the "best" rotation if you just want to more effortlessly flow from one combo to the next.

After the 3 melee DPS, I'd recommend Machinist. It's a victim of the horrible attempt by the devs to punish the 2 instant cast RDPS classes for moving, and the cast bars always feel foreign and awful on these classes. Despite this, the Machinist is hit a little bit less since its procs return some instant cast capabilities back to it. The Bard just feels awkward and sad by comparison, as it has a ridiculous amount of oGCD buttons it wants to push all the time, and the cast bars killing its ability to do 2 oGCD abilities between each GCD makes it ultimately feel clunky in execution. 


Some people claim they've gotten so used to the cast bars that it's second nature now, and I can agree with this a little, but it is still going to be a hollow shell of what it felt like pre-cast bars, and the devs would do these 2 classes a lot of favors if they can remove the cast bars and punish the class for movement in some other way.

And then we have the summoner. I personally can't stand this class. To put it simply, the Summoner is the crowning achievement of everything that the dev team does wrong in the game, as it is FFXIV Gil farming a gimmicky class that needs to heavily exploit the underlying flawed mechanics of the game's infrastructure in order to maximize its DPS, and even though its rotation mostly wasn't changed post-HW, it still has the same problems from snapshotting, unresponsive and clunky pets with bad AI (the MCH doesn't suffer from this, btw), and having to use an ability in the polar opposite way from how it was designed. 


The Black Mage, Machinist, and Bard all were turned on their heads at certain levels and became something they're not, and yet, they pale in comparison to the Summoner. I look at all of these infrastructure issues that the Summoner exploits to maximize DPS, and all I can do is shake my head and cringe at just how awfully designed the class is at its very core, and I can't easily shake off the mechanics you need to use to maximize its DPS, so I find myself ultimately incapable of enjoying the class. This is before factoring in its actual rotation, which tends to reward people who can multitask well.


Despite this, I know people who play the summoner, who love the summoner, who are fantastic on the class. Maybe they don't notice how you need to game everything to maximize the class. Maybe they don't care. I really don't know. All I know is that I can't stand it at all.