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If you/your character was unhindered, what would they do in FFXIV's story?

Le 25 August 2016, 07:40 dans Humeurs 0

Envision this game following the design philosophies of the Elder Scrolls series, for example. If joining the Scions was completely optional, would you actually fight for their cause? If killing the primals or Garleans was something you could opt out of, would you do so?

Those were just minor examples. This thread is basically just to chat about what you or your character (if you roleplay) would do in the game's world if the entire story had no inhibitions of any kind. Let's share!

For starters, I'd probably be reluctant to stick Final Fantasy XIV Gil with the Scions past Ifrit due to some of the harsh realities it entails. In the first meeting you have with the Syndicate, I'd probably call them all names and start a fist fight, getting myself kicked out with no proper diplomacy being accomplished. Other than that... I kind of want to be a "Dark Knight" kind of hero who fights for their own end and isn't trusted by anyone due to not being affiliated with anyone.

I would've shot Zephirin in the back I mean there was literally no reason I couldn't do that

Yes I'd still join the Scions and go against the Garleans. I would have actually avoided the whole Dragonsong war personally like. Yo man they got themselves into that mess...not my problem (currently). But the evil space empire and rampaging gods? Affecting my life right now.

aside from induldge in a heavy helping FFXIV Gil of Rule 34 with several fem NPC/Retainers... probably have caused Ishberd's death secertly way before he could turn the Brave's into half-corrupt asshats & took over or looked into our finacially backing from the get-go.

My guy will start collecting crystals ( like HUGE amounts) and start praying to Lightning, which will create a primal version of her and have her rule over the land under her benevolent hand.

Every cutscene in the waking sands past level 24 would feature me grabbing Minfilia by the shoulders and shaking her really hard while doing a monologue on linkshell functionalities.


Imperial forces slowly became less FFXIV visible outside of Mor Dhona

Le 22 August 2016, 08:35 dans Humeurs 0

Superstition became epidemic as Eorzeans struggled to make sense of the change, but one rumor in particular attracted the Empire’s attention. An enigmatic, cloaked mage by the name of Urianger Augurelt had begun to frequent aetheryte camps and city-states across the realm, reciting words of what he claimed to be an ancient prophecy that calamity was upon them and a seventh umbral era would soon engulf the world. Rumors about this Urianger were boundless; some reports claimed that he was seen working sinister magics in the Twelveswood, some declared him a ruthless killer, others even contended that he was responsible for the previous umbral era and still others speculated that he himself was among the Archons that ended it!

Nael van Darnus was well-versed in the FFXIV Gil very prophecies of which this arcanist spoke; the Divine Chronicles were essentially guidelines for his campaign. The White Raven became distracted from other pursuits as he focused on apprehending this Urianger. Heralds within the cities were secretly paid with Imperial coin to declare him a false prophet and mark him for capture. Legatus Darnus would even deign to show up personally to aetheryte camps at which Augurelt was seen and declare himself an ally to Eorzea in hopes of drawing him out of hiding.

“Those who style themselves Archons, chanting of death and doom and the end of all things, are themselves agents of the destruction they foretell. Before the twelfth bell tolls Eorzea’s fall, it is I who will deliver you from danger, free you from despair. Can you not hear it—the twisted harmonies that echo throughout Eorzea? Trust to your strength and the truth of my words, and in time you will see the light.”

― Nael van Darnus

This misdirection allowed Urianger’s allies—Y’shtola, Yda, Papalymo, and Thancred—time to see the Grand Companies of Eorzea restored. Inspired by the words of the alleged Archon, and the accomplishments of adventurers hailing from their lands, charismatic members of each city’s elite accepted the responsibility of reviving these organizations, meant to combine a city’s military, economic, and technical resources under a comprehensive command in hopes of better preparing it for an approaching umbral era. Some within the city-states initially resisted the concentration of so much wealth and power in the hands of so few, but increasingly frequent attacks by Imperial foot soldiers and vanguard magitek would eventually make it clear that survival truly would depend on the Grand Companies.

Imperial forces slowly became less Final Fantasy XIV Gil visible outside of Mor Dhona, especially after adventurers under Grand Company banners reclaimed Toto-Rak and the Darkhold. These early successes owed much to Cid’s team of researchers, now known as the Garlond Ironworks, who had not only advanced Eorzea’s technology over the past ten years, but were helping the Companies to reverse engineer magitek recently stolen from the Garleans, thus helping to predict their movements and locate their bases. Garlond himself traveled between the cities, warning leaders that measurements of the realm’s aether and observations of Dalamud suggested that the prophecies of the Seventh Umbral Era should be taken seriously. Sure that Nael van Darnus had resumed his pursuit of Meteor, he devoted the Ironworks entirely towards uncovering the White Raven’s ambitions.

Also, use your off FFXIV global cooldown skills!

Le 16 August 2016, 08:14 dans Humeurs 0

Low level DPS can be a bit weird, he may have been better at upgrading gear than you. As much as your bank account can afford it, make sure to at least keep your weapon as good as possible. Also, be sure to add your turrets DPS to your own when comparing!

Wildfire is hard to use on trash, FFXIV Gil few things will live long enough for it to fire, but I like to toss it out when AEing as it probably will then.

Yes use Reload, Quick Reload, Reassemble and Rapid essentially on cool down to maximize DPS. If you know a boss is coming up after a trash back, hold off. Also, getting Lancer/Archer cross class cooldowns will help, two of your damage cool downs (three if you count invigorate) are there.

Make sure you are keeping Hot Shot up and keeping Lead Shot on as many targets as possible. 5% isn't huge, but its noticeable, and Lead Shot is very high, efficient damage that isn't as obvious as a big single shot hit.

Also, use your off global cooldown skills! On bosses you can use Blank for more damage, and you can use Head Graze pretty much always for extra damage. For trash, keep Head Graze on cooldown, on bosses, keep both. Blanking on trash will make a lot of people rightly angry, so don't do it there. When you hit 54, Gauss Round too, and 60, Ricochet.

For Reload:

60s cooldown, lines up exactly with Reassemble's 60s cooldown (past 28), so use Reass on your Ammo'd Clean Shot (220 pot). The order itself doesn't really matter as long as you aren't wasting ammo on things for which you already have a proc going. For instance, I use 1-2-3-1-2-1-3-QR-2-3 and it ends up being exactly the same as your setup. It's your preference, just don't get hung up on the details.

For Wildfire:

The goal is to get as much damage as possible on the Wildfire target, so every time you use Wildfire you should also use every cooldown you've got. 

Your biggest source of low level damage comes from cross-class cooldowns so make sure you have those. 

Blood for Blood, Hawk's Eye, and Rapid Fire are all ~90 seconds so they should be up every single time you're using Wildfire. 

Every time where it's possible, Final Fantasy XIV Gil you should also line up Reload + Reassemble, Raging Strikes, and Hypercharge. If you feel like you've got the skills, you should even use your short cooldown damaging abilities - of course you'll be using Gauss Round and Ricochet, but you can also throw in Head Graze and Blank (only on bosses! don't knockback regular mobs pls, your tank will kill you). The exact rotation is on lots of openers people have linked in this thread.

For everything else:

There's Mastercard /s. Use Quick Reload the instant you have it up, don't save it for Slug Shot procs; if you have a Clean Shot proc waiting and QR comes up, use QR on Split and then Clean. I wrote a wall of text above explaining why if you want that. Keeping up Hot Shot and Lead Shot 100% is a must. They both last 30s so just line them up back to back. 

Honestly the duration is so long that my biggest challenge is forgetting to refresh it. Also, Ammunition only buffs the initial hit of damage and not the DoT, so don't bother using ammo on Lead Shot. With three enemies, your damage is best used putting Lead Shot on all three and focusing single target. Use AoE on 4+, Spread for fights 30 sec or longer and Grenado for short.

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