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Best time to buy cheap Path of Exile ORBS enjoying Shadows of the Innocents

Le 27 October 2016, 05:12 dans Humeurs 0

Path of Exile Update 2.4 – Shadows of the Innocents is set to live today. It brings you enter to three new pieces of instanced content, including the expansive open world 24-member Twisted Grimhorn Wilds. Here is your chance to buy cheapest Path of Exile ORBS on Safewow and get ready to step into Acts 5 & 6 of the Path of Exile saga.

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 With the 2.4 update, the brand new max-level instanced content arrives with The Shattered Masts, Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, and Gloomdross Incursion. With the three new heroic dungeons, you can choose to challenge the Gloomdross Incursion in either a 4-person or 6-person mode, as well as test your mettle in the new Twisted Grimhorn Wilds 24-person instanced dungeon. However, before you dive into your fighting, the most important thing you should do is to buy fast Path of Exile ORBS to ensure your adventure more smooth with exciting and thrilling gaming experience.

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 That is all information that you have to know before you continue your MMO's story and enter into Act4 to kill Jinsoyun. Now take action! There are 3 news Hero Dungeons waiting for you. Good luck with your favorite fantasy game - Path of Exile!

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POE4Orbs Offering POE Chaos Orb Along with Cheap Path of Exile ORBS

Le 26 October 2016, 05:00 dans Humeurs 0

POE4Orbs, an online shop that sells Path of Exile ORBS along with many other related items for the Korean fantasy MMO Blade and Swell, recently started selling POE Exalted Orb along with POE orbs. The owners said that they have adopted an aggressive pricing policy so that they can stick out in the cyberspace already crowded with too many POE orbs and related items sellers. The owners also maintained that the Path of Exile ORBS that they are selling is priced reasonably low and regular gamers can derive great value for money by buying game items, especially the POE Chaos Orb items and orbs through their website.

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3.4 Changes to FFXIV Face Targeting System

Le 29 August 2016, 08:02 dans Humeurs 0

This sounds like a terrible change that is a side effect of an unecessary change (removal of facing requirement on auto-attacks), especially without a dedicated Sheathe Weapon (only) keybind.

I'll need to think about this some more but I was wondering what thoughts others had on the matter.

To clarify, as a caster my primary Final Fantasy XIV Gil concern is being certain that I'm not getting hit with a gaze attack. The way things are currently, as soon as my cast resolves, I turn around and wait for the gaze to resolve. It sounds like with the 3.4 changes, I will have to turn around and sheathe my weapon. 

Turning around is one thing; as soon as I hit the back button, I am definitely turned around. But if I am also compelled to sheathe my weapon, I argue that I should have a button whose sole function is that it sheathes, and only sheathes, my weapon--not a button that will maybe pull my weapon back out when I want it away.

Gaze attacks have a certain charm from being a believable mechanic -- the thing prepares to appear horrifying, the players turn away to avoid the horror. 

Adding the extra requirement of disengaging detracts from that charm, as would the other possible interpretation of the quoted text where one might no longer have to turn around at all, but just disengage. In either case, I'm not a fan of this coming change.

The R3 button is a snap unsheath on controller, so there must be a way to do it on keyboard.

I don't know, in my opinion it is a bit unnecessary change.

All the gamepad players I know even the ones from my static didn't ever mention having problems with it. 

But it didn't change much for me, so if it helps others, I really don't mind.

As a bard there are times you briefly (and I mean VERY brief like maybe 1 or 2 GCD's MAX) drop out of Wanderer's Minuet so that you can still attack and move. Or I've heard of the use of Feint on MCH to do something like this as well since it doesn't make you "cast". Does this mean I no longer can attack and move even out of Wanderer's? what part of the feature are they speaking of? 

Because there is an actual game FFXIV Gil setting and a command. Being that I'm in Wanderer's 99% of the time the auto-attack thing is rather irrelevant to me but I truly don't follow exactly what they mean by "feature inaccessible."

I main bard also, and I forget what the original keybinding is (im on pc) but I have it set to button on the side of my mouse now. and it causes me to untarget the enemy and about face (turn around). I just keep the camera pointed at the enemy, as soon as the gaze attack is over, I hit tab to retarget and just have at it spraying my attacks at it. only people I could see this new feature screwing with his controller peeps.

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